As cooler weather approaches, pests will want to come in from the cold, too. Your attic and crawl spaces are especially attractive for pests because they’re fairly easy to get into and they can hang out there without being disturbed, even inviting their many friends and relatives to join them.

Look for dime-sized holes

Walk around the outside of your home looking for gaps in the foundation and around any cables or pipes that lead into your home. Check your doors and window frames and fill any holes or gaps. Mice can squeeze in through holes the size of a dime!

Inspect your yard and roof

Trim back any trees or bushes that rest against your house. Insects and rodents can climb up them for easy access to your roof. Look for gaps on the roof – if you’re comfortable up there – and make sure any chimney caps are secure.

Check inside for gaps, too

Check your doors and window frames for gaps. Repair these to keep pests out and keep heat in during the winter. Look in the attic for any signs of pests now and openings where they can come in later, when you’re not looking.

If you’re trying to keep your winter visitors to friends, relatives and maybe a certain big guy in a red suit, take these steps to winterize your home now. For more help keeping your home pest-free this winter, contact Bill’s Home Service today at 520-625-2381.