For many people, the holiday season can be challenging. Individuals experiencing hearing loss may suffer from increased loneliness and depression, especially as they are thrust into situations that exacerbate their communication difficulties.

Take holiday dinners, for instance—these are festive occasions to gather together and celebrate for most, but can cause those who are hard of hearing to struggle. This year promises to be more challenging than ever for these individuals, who will endure what many in the medical community are calling a “perfect storm” of isolation.

Increased isolation for people with hearing loss.

The ongoing coronavirus pandemic shows no signs of slowing, forcing people to seriously curtail their activities and adopt social distancing measures. Those with hearing loss already tend to keep to themselves, avoiding social situations in order to eliminate the accompanying physical and mental stress brought on by their communication difficulties.

Link between COVID-19 and hearing loss?

Forced isolation will only increase feelings of loneliness and frustration. Compounding matters further, recent studies show a possible link between COVID-19 and hearing loss.

It is more important than ever to diagnose hearing loss and develop individualized treatment plans so that individuals with hearing loss can stay connected to their friends and families.

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