Holiday Dinner

This is the time of year for holiday gatherings and family dinners. According to a recent survey, nearly half the hosts will have at least one guest with hearing loss.

Here are some tips for making your celebrations more enjoyable for everyone.

Create a playroom for the kids so they can be noisy without disturbing anyone. If possible, have a kids’ table, too, to help keep the noise down during the meal.

Put the game on in another room for sports fans so they can cheer and yell while those who want to have a conversation can sit in a quieter room.

Turn the holiday music off, at least during mealtime. Music creates additional background noise that those with hearing impairments need to work harder to tune out.

Remove tall holiday decorations, such as candles and flowers, from the table or make a low centerpiece. People who rely on lip reading need to see who is talking.

Make rooms as bright as possible by closing the drapes and bringing in extra lamps.

Seat guests with hearing loss at the end of the table so they can see everyone, while still being as far as possible from the kids’ table and the kitchen.

Wait to clear the dishes until everyone is done eating. Clearing the table

creates a lot of unnecessary noise.

If you follow these tips, you will throw an inclusive party that is sure to be remembered.

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