Expectations are beliefs centered on the future and most likely to happen. If a person believes what they are told, or convinces himself/herself of the fact, the person may see the expectation as coming true.

Give your children expectations for 2019! Help them to believe they can accomplish whatever they set their mind to. Help them to visualize or see themselves as successful in their reading, math, music or sports. You must believe in your children for this to happen.

Observing your children playing or enjoying an activity may lead you to see the talent they have. Watching a young child build things may lead to him/her becoming a future engineer or architect. Does your child like to put things together or fix things? Could they become a master carpenter, electrician or mechanic? Seeing a child listening and enjoying music or attempting to play a musical instrument may lead to a position in a band in junior high, high school or even a career in music.

Do your children like to help you in the kitchen, learning to combine different foods for a healthy meal? Are they the next super chefs? You see your children writing or pretending to write stories or poems. You may have given them a journal for Christmas with which they were absolutely thrilled. Maybe a set of colored pencils or markers and a drawing tablet may have been the best gift you could give them.

No matter what you see your children doing, encourage them to continue along that path. Once again, I remind you to cut the screen time so your children have time to explore ways of doing things. Arrange activities that give you an idea of what they enjoy. Spend time with your children as they play, draw or write.

Help them to believe in themselves, have an attitude that they can, even if you need to add "You can ... just not yet," whether it be in reading, writing, science, math, art or music. Your children's thoughts may attract events in their lives that seek to discourage their efforts. If you believe in them, they will take steps toward fulfilling expectations. Help them to grow into their potential.

Expecting your children to do what you want them to will not make them do so. Talk to your children about how you wish they would act so that they can attempt to meet your expectations and their own. However, make sure the expectations you have for them are theirs or all your efforts will be disappointing. Set standards that fit the ages of your children so you and they can expect good results. Be patient with your children so they fulfill your beliefs in them.

You are the parent, the expert in their lives. Your children look up to you; they believe in you. Help them to believe in themselves. Help them to focus on positive thoughts and have goals they can work to achieve. This website may help both you and your children: www.thelawofattraction.com

Southern Arizona resident Bette Mroz is a former teacher, reading specialist and principal. As a mother and grandmother, she continues to help her family learn. She can be contacted at bettemroz@gmail.com