Your children play an important role in helping your family run smoothly. It gives them a feeling of personal significance and a sense of belonging especially if you shift your language from “chores” to “contributions.” (Amy McCready)

Every member of the family has a job to do. If mom and dad are making the money to keep families fed and sheltered, children have to do their part to help the family.

Have a family plan for everyday household tasks and you will teach your kids a great lesson. — Annie Stuart (

Age appropriate chores help children learn responsibility. Children can contribute to the family by cleaning up after a meal, by loading and unloading the dishwasher, sorting laundry into piles of whites, colors and dark to be washed. When clothes are washed, children can help fold and put away. Anna (who has six children) in her website suggests a separate container for each member of the family. She uses plastic tubs with each person’s name on them so the clothes can be folded and carried to the right place.

Parents can start to teach their children how to do things early in their youngsters’ lives because small children like to imitate their parents. However, parents should not expect perfection and should praise children for how they help while they are helping. Parents can help children make a game of picking up their toys and putting their clothes in their own hamper, which may just be a plastic bucket or wastebasket you get from the Dollar Store.

Children can contribute to their family’s peace by cleaning their own rooms and bathrooms. Children over the age of 10 can wash windows and the family car. They might even be able to prepare simple meals and follow recipes to surprise parents tired after their day of work if parents will take the time to help children learn to use the microwave, crockpot, or stove properly and safely.

Keeping a chart of necessary jobs helps. Alexandra has a printable family contribution spinner that might make your children’s daily contributions a fun game.

Amy McCready cautions that you not tie allowances to your children’s contributions on her Positive Parenting website:

Parents need to be consistent in their expectations so children learn to do their jobs regularly. It’s amazing how much children will cooperate if they are allowed to make decisions about their contribution and if they are encouraged and motivated to prove they can carry out their responsibility to contribute to their family’s well-being.

WHEN your children have made their contributions to your family, THEN they can enjoy playing games or exploring interactive stories on such websites as Summer Boost, which starts June 2 on or sign up for Summer 20 on Children can keep up their skills and earn prizes through the summer by participating in these websites.

Every child must have chores to do. It gives them dignity in work and the joy of labor. — Earl Hamner Jr.

Southern Arizona resident Bette Mroz is a former teacher, reading specialist and principal. As a mother and grandmother, she continues to help her family learn. She can be contacted at


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