Folk singer/guitarist sure has talent

Guitarist and folk singer Tom Guy is looking forward to being the main performance at both “Green Valley's Got Talent” shows on Feb. 10.

Green Valley certainly fills with more talent during the high season from November through April. Among the area's upcoming shows is guitarist and folk singer Tom Guy, the featured performer for two Green Valley’s Got Talent shows on Monday, Feb. 10, at 3 and 6 p.m. at the Community Performance and Art Center.

Also performing are Hope Goetz and Tom Leavy: Country and Folk; Nellie Millan: Rancheras and Corridos of Mexico; The Hula Girls of Green Valley: Dances of Hawai'i; and Lee Kochan, vocal and Murray Holmstrom, piano: Songs of the Jazz Era.

Guy started playing the guitar at age 12 and got serious at 17. Along with his brothers, he got more musicians together, formed a rock 'n’ roll band and performed during his high schools years in Long Beach in Southern California.

Focusing on classical guitar music, Guy traveled to North Hollywood for lessons in arranging music with John Williams, guitarist in the 1978 film “The Deer Hunter.”

From California, Guy moved to the Hawaiian island of Oahu, where he played in Waikiki lounges and, for one year, was actor Jack Lord’s personal guitar teacher. Lord played Steve McGarrett in the 1968-1980 TV series “Hawaii Five-O.” Looking back, Guy said, “We didn’t see eye to eye too well, but it was a fun experience.”

During his years in Hawaii, Guy took music theory lessons at Punahou School. It was during that time he decided to add his voice to his music.

“I was too serious about the guitar and didn’t sing, but knew I could. I took private lessons and lots of practice, sometimes eight hours a day,” he recalled.

As his career continued to rise, Guy switched from classical to folk music because he saw it as more popular and more fun. He continues to enjoy playing the guitar and singing in the style of Simon & Garfunkel, Joni Mitchell, and other top performers of the 1970s. Guy said this is an era Green Valley audiences are well acquainted with, and he greatly enjoys the music, too.

He has performed twice before at CPAC, but not as the main act. On Feb. 10, he’s looking forward to being the main performance for the afternoon and evening shows at 3 and 6 p.m. and hopes to entertain to two full houses.

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