A Love Thought

Today is filled with hearts and words,

"I love you dear" and "please be mine"

These words, these thoughts, with love in mind

are from couples who have no time

To recall joys of days just passed

and write a poem and make it rhyme

To muse about togetherness

in winter, spring and summertime

To pledge oneself for all of life

through rainy days and when it shines

To hear your voice and kiss your lips,

to feel the warmth … your hand in mine

And when at night we both recline

and I feel your body next to mine

I know I am your Valentine

and you, my love, are truly mine

By C.T. Martin

Beginnings 2020

The silhouetted mountains cut the horizon line

like pinking shears across aqua silk.

Slowly, the sky turns ombre

as it, and I, await the rising of the sun

on a new year … a new decade.

A new beginning softly coos,

like the awakened mourning doves.

I sometimes wish I had the doves shallow thought, to only relying on instinct,

no worries to ponder, no history to muddle past.

But they haven’t the capability to draw pleasure from what they see.

Despite the drawbacks of awareness, of thought and history,

I’ll take my human status, as the trade-off would cut too deep …

as the silhouetted mountains that cut the horizon line this dawn

like pinking shears across aqua silk.

By Lisbeth Lutz

A Blank Sheet of Paper

I am just a blank sheet of paper and I’m pretty nice as you can see

But don’t look at me as I am, but how I can be

Isn’t it amazing? All the world‘s greatest documents started out just like me

With pen in hand, Someone will give me a few strokes

And I’ll soon be sought after by all the folks

Joy and tears may be brought and wars may be fought

All from those few strokes that someone brought.

By Ivan E. Fisher


Did I do enough?

Did I love enough?

Was I kind enough?

Was I generous enough?

It really doesn't matter now.

Do what you can.

Love your family and friends.

Be kind to all.

Be generous with your time and treasure.

The past is gone.

All you have now is the present and the future.

Make it the best that you can.


By D. Wieb


I almost stepped on her

my morning walk

thinking my thoughts

wrapped in my mind

I remembered that

I forgot to watch for snakes

and there she was

oh! my toes tripped me forward

barely missed her


was that a snake?



stepped back


a young rattler


slender as a twig

colored as the path

close call

By Mary DeSmidt


Look there, a roadrunner in my yard

speeding to catch a butterfly

while two golden eagles courting high

act like combat jets fighting in the sky.

By Franklin B. Haber


Sticks and stones

can break our bones

and words can leave a scar.

So try not to hurt others

by leaving marks that mar.

Try to get along with people

on your path

and not speak with opinions

that cause another wrath.

Just think before you say

and keep a bridle on your tongue,

for words come back to bite you,

So, leave the song unsung.

Don't flare another's temper

or start a flaming fire.

For the tongue's a wild unruly beast

and can cause a forest fire.

Instead, speak truth and love and life

unto people that are lost

and learn to work together

striving for peace, at any cost.

By Wendy Vail Konopka

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